Exam Questions for To Kill a Mockingbird

In the rest of the novel, how does Lee use the trial of Tom Robinson to show some of the attitudes of Maycomb society?

After this passage, Mr Dolphus Raymond talks about “the hell white people give coloured folks”. In the rest of the novel, how does Lee show white people giving the black community “hell”?

In the novel, how does Lee show that other people expect Scout to behave in particular ways? What do you think these expectations show about the society in which the novel is set?

In the novel as a whole, how does Lee show what life was like in a small town such as Maycomb in 1930s southern America?

How does Lee use Atticus in one other event in the novel to show injustice in America in the 1930s?

How does Lee present Mayella Ewell in the novel as a whole?