rigid adj stiff
indecision noun inability to decide
ingratitude noun not-grateful(ness)
portray verb to show, depict
residue noun stuff left over, what remains
anew adv afresh
solemn adj serious
reluctant adj not keen (to do something)
wanly adv palely (i.e. not keen)
compelled verb forced (to do something)
exasperated adj totally annoyed, frustrated
preposterous adj totally ridiculous
languidly adv lazily, very slowly, unenergetically
menacing adj frightening
endurance noun strength to endure (put up with) something
convulsed verb violently moved/affected
ameliorate verb make something bad a bit better
ominous adj makes us think something bad is going to happen
relent verb give up (on a decision/idea)
wry adj a knowing look, dry humour
leery adj suspicious (with good reason)
marionette noun puppet with strings
mused verb thought about 
manipulate verb control events or people sneakily

nimble adj light and quick at moving

askew adj. not in place, tilted or slanted
threshold noun, place: between two places, e.g. a doorway
violations noun: a wrong, stealing someone’s rights
ruefully adv. regretfully
dubious adj. uncertain or not quite right, e.g. the bridge looked a bit dubious
onslaught noun: an attack, links to the word slaughter
levitate verb a magical type of lifting
intolerable adj. something you can’t bear
sarcastically adv. where you say something without meaning it, as if to make fun of an idea: e.g. ‘eating slugs* is a great idea’ he said sarcastically. *slugs carry diseases that can kill you (if you eat them)
placating vb to placate (to say or do something to calm someone down, not necessarily because you mean it). e.g. ‘Aunt Beryl, you look lovely in that dress, now please stop sobbing,’ he said, placatingly.

decrepit – adj, massively broken, decayed, ruined, or falling to bits
abominably – adv. terribly badly
stifle – verb. squash it, silence it
chivvying – verb. to hurry/ encourage someone
invalid – adj. either disabled or incapable OR doesn’t count
institution – adj. important, official organisation
gusto – noun, enthusiasm
petulant – adj. sulky
ominously – adv. worringly
equestrian – adj. (horsey) to do with horses
impertinence – noun. rudeness
skittishly – adv. won’t stay still
loftily – adv. mightily
vexed – adj. annoyed
impromptu – adj. spontaneous
gaunt -adj. thin and hollow
jubilant – adj. the biggest happiness and joy and feeling of awesomeness (I won!)
gastroenteritis – a bad stomach bug

observation (something you’ve noticed) noun (you can’t hold it, like a potato, but you can give it to someone)
reprovingly (in a telling-off kind of way) adverb
resentful (bitter, won’t let go of little things) adjective
affair (important happening) noun
desolate (really, really, really, really sad) adjective
evidently (obviously, as shown by the evidence) adverb
astute (very clever, sharp, wise) adjective
empathy (like kindness, thoughtfulness) adjective
guffaws (laughs in a jolly way, like Santa Claus) verb, or noun
decidedly (definitely) adverb
awe noun (massive respect, like you would have for God)
adjective is: awesome, awful, awe-inspiring
adverb: awfully