1. January 2012 OCR Information and Ideas English Language Exam Higher Tier A60/02
    1  ASBO Elephants

    Referring carefully to the magazine article, outline concisely how the work of Doug Groves helps both elephants and human beings. Use your own words as far as possible.

For this question you need to skim read to find the relevant information. Underline the key words in the question. If there are two parts to the question, you must make sure that you answer both.

Annotate the article, looking for relevant information to answer the question. If this is a ten mark question, you are trying to find roughly ten distinct points. Be as specific as you can.
Exam Answer
Doug works to reform dangerous human-killer elephants so that they are safe to be around, making them more gentle. His work is to help humans trust elephants, partly through giving people better understanding and sympathy, and partly through making the elephants more trustworthy. He also encourages people to respect the elephants. His intervention has saved many elephants that would otherwise have been destroyed.

He also works to prevent human/elephant conflict in the first place. He researches into the reasons why humans and elephants come into conflict, has discovered some of the reasons such as competition for land and resources. He works to educate local people in order to reduce misunderstanding. He has also put into place some coping strategies that have improved the situation.
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He helps the dangerous elephants by building a relationship with them, treating them as friends, getting to know their personalities. He has been involved in elephant conservation for many years.

What do you need to do to score 10/10?

  •   Comprehensive (complete/thorough) range of points clearly identified
  •   Almost entirely in own words (don’t quote!)
  •   Very clear focus, tightly organised and synthesised (short and to the point)
  •   Complete overview (sums up the main points that are in the article overall)
  •   Complete understanding of text and task (no misunderstandings)

This answer is 150 words long. It should score close to full marks