KS2 Adjectives, Lesson on Describing Words
Today we learned about describing words, also known as adjectives. We were a mixed age KS2 group of ages 7-10 and we tried to think of as many adjectives as we could. We wrote them on the board with the explanations of what the words mean. The older students then wrote out the words with the correct spellings, and the little ones practised some of the simpler words. Then we wrote stories using the words, to help improve their descriptions and their spellings.

Transforming Nouns > Adjectives
Look at the words below. They look similar but can’t be used in the same way. Write a sentence with each and see what happens. Clue: the first word is the noun, the second is the adjective:
gore > gory
anger > angry
beauty > beautiful
fury > furious
blood > bloody
death > deathly
magic > magical
boss > bossy

If You’re Feeling Clever
Think up some more nouns/adjectives. Can they can be transformed? Can you make verbs (actions) from your words? E.g. you can ‘boss’ someone around, and ‘magic up a rabbit’, but you can’t ‘blood someone’ though you can ‘bleed’, or ‘bloody someone’s nose’ (by punching them).

The poster below is a piece of work I did with a KS2 girl who is just starting on chapter books. We used Horrid Henry and looked at the different personalities of Henry and his brother Perfect Peter. Then we talked about positive and negative words and drew pictures to go with each type. 

KS2 Lesson Adjectives Describing Words