Ralph is looking at how dirty they are. ‘He discovered with a fall of the heart that these were the conditions he took as normal now and that he did not mind.’ Ralph thinks, on this side of the island ‘one was clamped down’ ‘helpless’ ‘condemned’.

Simon says, prophetically “You’ll get back to where you came from.” Ralph asks “How do you know?” Simon is ‘silent’, so Ralph says he’s “batty” [mad]. Simon responds ‘violently’ “No, I’m not. I just think you’ll get back all right.”

The Boys all go Hunting, Including Ralph
Roger sees the trail of a pig, so they start hunting.
—- flashback —-
Ralph remembers home, ‘The Boy’s Book of Trains’ etc. Childish things.
—- back to the island —-
Hunting the pig. ‘Ralph was full of apprehension and pride.’ “I hit him!” Then they play hunt. ‘Robert squealed in mock terror, then in real pain.’ Ralph: “Kill him! Kill him!”
Ralph feels ‘the desire to squeeze and hurt was over mastering.’
“You want a real pig.” Robert says: “because you’ve got to kill him.” 
“Use a littlun,” said Jack, and everybody laughed.’
If we find the beast, Jack says: “We’ll kill it.”
Simon volunteers to cross the island to tell Piggy where they are going.

‘Rising antagonism’ is noticeable between Ralph and Jack.
Ralph: “Why do you hate me?”

Ralph, Jack and Roger go up the mountain. ‘A stain in the darkness, a stain that was Jack, detached itself and began to draw away.’ [stain = moral flaw, defect]
Roger ‘uncommunicative by nature, said nothing.’ Jack returns “I saw a thing.” They go up together and find ‘a creature that bulged.’ ‘Ralph smothered a cry.’ ‘Green lights of nausea’ ‘ate into the darkness’.
Ralph ‘fused his fear and loathing into a hatred’. He walks towards it, ‘the wind roared’, ‘the creature lifted its head, holding towards them the fuin of a face.’
‘Presently the mountain was deserted, save for the three abandoned sticks and the thing that bowed.’

[‘Bowed’ is used a lot for the beast, and suggests respect, prayer, supplication to heaven. Three sticks may be intended to evoke the three crosses on Golgotha at the crucifixion].