What is speed reading?
Speed reading doesn’t feel like reading at all. It feels like floating above your own brain – like some kind of superhuman reading ninja.

How is this possible?
Follow the tips below, and practice. Simple.

What are the benefits?
You can read more books faster – say, for an Arts, Medical or Law degree. Speed reading also gives better understanding. It lets you get a bird’s eye view of the most important details, moods and facts – which is very handy if you’re about to take English exams.

How speedy is speed reading?
With practice, you can learn to speed read at ten times normal reading speed – if not more. Which means something that would normally take ten minutes to read will only take one.

The Method
Most people read word by word, and often say the words to themselves using the voice in their heads. This isn’t the best way to read, either for speed, or understanding. So, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the ‘reading’ voice in your head. You need to make this voice go quiet.

Read with your eyes only. Don’t even worry about ‘making sense’ of what you’re reading. Just train your eyes to move faster – not word by word – but in a zigzag move down the page. Try moving your finger in a zig zag down the page, as shown in the video below.It might help if you hold your breath as you read. Just don’t hold it for too long!

Once you’ve silenced the voice in your head, you can now start to read a lot faster. You’ll be amazed at how much you remember, and understand. Even though it feels like your eyes are only skimming down the page, the words are going in. If you’re feeling really serious, time yourself, and practise going faster.