English Resources for age 11-14

WAF5: Vary Sentences

WAF6 Vary Punctuation

WAF7: Using Words Effectively

[1] More interesting describing words
[2] Sensory language

[3] How to Create Your Own Metaphors and Similes
[4] Examples of Personification for stories
[5] Examples of Pathetic Fallacy: create a dramatic mood in a landscape
[6] Better Vocabulary

WAF8 Spelling
+ the Basics


+ How to move from level 4 to 8 with examples
+ Useful phrases for essays – levels 6 to 8
+ Useful vocabulary for essays – levels 7 to 8

+ Connectives for essays – linking words – levels 6 to 8 with examples
+ How to write an Essay – levels 7 – 8 : introductions, conclusions, how to make comparisons, useful phrases and more

What NOT to write in your essay

If you have these TARGETS…
+ ‘What effect does this create?’
+ Include more detail. Be more specific.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Animal Farm

RAF5: Language Techniques that Writers Use

with examp