What do you think is the significance of the witches in Macbeth? Jan 10

At the end of the play, Malcolm describes Macbeth as a ‘butcher’. Do you think that Macbeth is merely portrayed as a ‘butcher’? June 10

“The violence in Macbeth is so excessive that it ceases to have any effect on the audience.” To what extent do you think the violence in the play is excessive? Jan 11

How far do you agree that Lady Macbeth is presented as a “fiend-like queen”? Jun 11

How do you respond to the view that the supernatural elements in Macbeth represent Macbeth’s own internal struggles? Jan 12

Consider the significance of darkness and concealment in the play. June 12

Is Macbeth a moral play?

“The fantastical and grotesque witches are the most memorable figures in the play.” Discuss
‘A study in evil.’ Is this your view of Lady Macbeth?
After one performance of Macbeth, a critic was heard to say that he thought the production portrayed Macbeth as a ‘moral degenerate cheerfully in the grip of supernatural forces’.   How far does your reading of the play allow you to support this opinion?

How far do you agree that Macbeth relies on its success as a play owing to the workings of the supernatural?

‘Macbeth, of course, was written long before the notion of “the Gothic” was conceived.  It is pointless, therefore, to consider Macbeth as a Gothic text.’   Do you agree?

To what extent does Macbeth explore the dangers of transgression?

“A warning about the dangers of over ambition.” To what extent is this a fair description of Macbeth.

To what extent does Macbeth present a battle between good and evil?

Consider the view that Macbeth presents the corrupting influence of evil.

To what extent does good defeat evil in Macbeth?