How can I Revise for the Edexcel IGCSE English Literature Exam? What questions are likely to come up?

I can’t access the actual questions from the past two years as I’m not at a centre (they’re password protected). The best I can advise is for you to draw up a mindmap with major themes: 

For Of Mice and Men
loneliness/friendship – hope/cruelty – prejudice (links to cruelty) – and dreams. Then on the other side, put all the characters. Then add in quotations that would help you to answer any possible combination.

I know a lot of students like to second-guess what will be on the exam, but it’s really testing how well you understand how the novel connects – so to miss out a key area would be dangerous.

A View from the Bridge themes are – male/female roles – traditional (Italian) patriarchy – status and respect – growing older – different types of love – justice – tragedy … there are probably more, check your notes!

Here’s the generic mark scheme for A-A* (roughly)

Assured knowledge and understanding of the text evident in the response
• Comments about the writer’s use of characterisation/theme/plot/setting for literary effect show a perceptive appreciation of the writer’s craft
• Engagement with the text is assured, examples used are fully relevant
• Where response requires consideration of two or more features, a
perceptive, balanced approach is evident.