Level 6 Writing ranges from 6c, which is the lowest, up to 6a. A Level 6a would include most of the below, skilfully. 6c would show some features, with some degree of control. You might want to bookmark this page as I keep adding more links.

In Level 6, proofreading and attention to detail are key.

What are teachers looking for?

Very accurate punctuation for things like apostrophe -‘s, apostrophes for I’m, let’s, don’t, and moreWork also includes more complex punctuation, e.g. colons, semi-colons and speech punctuation used correctly, dashes (-) or (- -) and ellipsis (…) and no crazy use of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!

 Complex vocabulary, spelled correctly on the whole and more interesting vocabulary

Complex sentence structure: i.e. sentences don’t always begin with words like: ‘I / He / Name / The’

Long AND short sentences and paragraphs

Complex connectives (not just ‘and’, ‘because’, ‘also’, ‘then’)

Special techniques like rhetorical questions, lists, similes, metaphors and personification   

Find examples of how to use personificationFind out more about metaphor the fun way

A strong mood is created through sensory language, skilfully building up tension, and use of pathetic fallacy.