Here are some good books for reluctant readers, especially if dyslexic. Bookmark this page as you’ll be able to use if from age 6-18. 

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1. Search ‘dyslexia books for children‘ on Amazon*, or ask your local librarian or bookseller. The search pulled up so much fab stuff, I didn’t know where to look: from kids’ books to practical books for parents. I’m planning to buy Mind Maps for Kids because dyslexics often struggle with memory and organising their ideas. I’ve used picture maps successfully with dyslexic sixth form tutees (we raised one student’s grade from a D to an A), so this looks perfect.

2. Go to Ransom’s catalogue to find an amazing choice of fab books. They include every possible style and reading age: from football, factual, quirky girl, vampire, thrillers, action, manga, adventure, to teen issues. Find the ISBN number of the books you’d like. Then, type it into the ‘search’ box on Amazon, Waterstones or Blackwells, or take the ISBN to your librarian or bookseller.

Or you can do an advanced Amazon* search for publisher: ‘Ransom’, in ‘books’, for ‘children.’

Designed for classroom teachers to use
3. Barrington Stoke is a publisher that specialises in dyslexia and reluctant readers. Find all their books here, including reviews.

4. If your teenager won’t read, try typing ‘quick reads’ into Amazon. They’re all rated 4-5 stars and are designed to hold an adult or teenager’s interest, while being very easy to read. Books are by big names, including Andy McNabb, Maeve Binchy, Val McDermid, James Patterson and more.