For those who can’t write and those who won’t. For those bursting with ideas – for stories, arguments, opinions – that they can’t get down on paper. For exams. For fun.

+ FREE handwriting worksheets with video lessons
+ When they can barely hold a pen
How to teach kids to improve handwriting (without tears)
How to print your own FREE handwriting worksheets

How to improve your child’s vocabulary 
‘Use more hard words’: improving vocabulary in writing
+ How to write more interesting description
+ Words Every Brilliant Person Should Know

Essay Writing
+ How to Write an Essay

Creative Writing

Techniques Writers Use
Complete List : suitable for Level 6-GCSE A*
Describing Setting or Place

+ Alliteration

Antithesis [Basic] [Advanced]

How to Write About Connotations
What is a Semantic Field?

Personification   [Prezi on Personification]

Similes [basic]
Metaphor  [difference to similes] [Prezi on Metaphor]
Extended Metaphor
Pathetic Fallacy
Sensory Language

Common Problems: If Your Teacher Says-
+ Avoid Using ‘I’ All the Time
Include + More Interesting Description
Use the Past Tense Throughout
Add More Detail: sensory languagepathetic fallacy+onomatopoeia

How to Improve
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GCSE Grade C > B > A > A*