Revision List for Poetic Terms        
+ Basic
+ Advanced
What to Look for in a Poem: STILTS
+ What is STILTS?
Example of how to use STILTS

Poetry FAQs
How Can I Write About Structure?
+ Examples
What are the + Themes in Poetry? +NEW More detail on Themes with examples
+ NEW What is Hubris?
How Can I Tell if a Poem is a + Dramatic Monologue?

+ Topic
Point of View
+ How to tell if it’s first person, second person, third person
+ More detailed explanation with examples

Poetry Glossary
+ Alliteration
Sounds in Poetry: Sibilant, Plosive, Fricative, Nasal, Liquid

Antithesis [Basic] [Advanced]
How to Write About Connotations
+ What is a Semantic Field?

Personification   [Prezi on Personification]
Similes [basic]
Metaphor  [difference to similes] [Prezi on Metaphor]
Extended Metaphor
Pathetic Fallacy

+ Sensory Language